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Child support laws in Texas primarily focus on the child’s welfare rather than the parents.  Receiving or paying child support is complicated but it generally involves the non-custodial parent figuring out how much they need to pay. The court then confirms the amount that has to be paid and orders the non-custodial parent to pay it.  What makes everything complex is when the parents disagree on the amount that has to be paid. You should get in touch with a competent family law attorney that will be able to help you make the right decision.

Texas Child Support Process

Child Support Percentage In Texas

Texas Child Support LawsThe formula used to calculate child support in Texas is different from those used in other states.  Many parents feel that the formula in Texas is unfair and inadequate.  In Texas, parents can request open child support cases online or in person.

The child support office will organize a negotiation conference where both parents will be invited to agree on child support or visitation.  The case will be transferred to the government courts when the parents fail to agree. Every county in Texas has child support offices where your questions on child support can be answered.

It’s not unusual for the Texas Office of the Attorney General (OAG) to open a child support case if the parents fail to petition for child support.

Texas Child Support Formula

How Is Child Support Calculated In Texas

The child support formula relies on the number of children to calculate the appropriate amount. Below are the Texas child support guidelines:

  • The non-custodial parent pays 20 percent of their net income for one child or 25 percent if there are two children
  • The paying parent contributes 35 percent of their net income if there are 3 children or 35 percent for four children
  • For four or more children, the non-custodial parent contributes 40 percent of the net income

You have to pay child support even when you do not have a job.  But your child support can be modified if you have children in multiple households.  A non-custodial parent may also have to pay an additional amount if they have a child with special needs or disabilities.

How Child Support Is Paid

How Soon Can You File For Child Support In Texas

Child support payments may be deducted directly from your paycheck if you are a non-custodial parent. You can also submit the payments by money order or check to the State Disbursement Unit. A non-custodial parent can also make the payments online through a secure online system called Smart e-pay.  The payment takes 7 business days to post to your child support case.

Top Child Support Payment Problems

Can Parents Agree To No Child Support In Texas

There has been growing concern about the state’s computer program or system not updating information about parents quickly enough. That can cause a parent to be wrongly penalized or may not get the child support amount they need.  The child support technology used in Texas is yet to be upgraded because legislators are unwilling to provide money for the upgrade.

Employers may also pocket the child support amount they deduct from employee income. Talk to a child support lawyer to help you avoid these child support issues that are caused by circumstances beyond your control.

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