Should You Be a Lawyer?

$150,000 starting salary, working on large matters of great importance? Or $200,000 in debt and 3 years lost in order to get a constraining job you don’t like, making no more than you could before?

Pursuing policy objectives or helping those truly in need? Or furthering other peoples’ agendas and helping them game the system, while being legally constrained from doing what you believe is right?

See also…estate planning lawyer.

Should you go to Law School?  Do you want to be a lawyer?

Should You Be A LawyerThis site seeks to help you answer those questions by giving you an objective view of the legal profession.  Lawyers spend 3 years and incur high debt to earn a law degree, so anyone considering law will want to evaluate whether they truly want to be lawyers – whether they like the work itself, and whether they can accomplish their career goals or public interest objectives. The field is highly regulated and bureaucratic, and these factors can limit the ability to pursue these goals.

The first two categories, Career Goals and Public Interest Objectives, focus on some common tangible objectives people have for becoming lawyers – increased salary, to get experience useful in other lines of work, to fulfill various public policy goals, or to help less fortunate people with their legal problems. The 3rd and 4th categories, Life Satisfaction and Analyzing & Solving Problems, focus on the law itself – the method of thinking employed, the personality types encountered, and overall career satisfaction of lawyers.

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